swim like a swimmer

If you’re looking for a boot camp you are not in the right place, we are about quality because quantity without quality isn’t the way to go… So we focus on Coaching.. Will you get fitter? yes… but more importantly you will get quicker because you will be technically better.

the pool

Swimming is something special at Les Stables, with our own heated 25m pool and unlimited access 24/7. You don’t have to travel to it and you don’t have to share it with any other groups. Our pool is for the exclusive use of our guests.

the river

Open water Swimming is on site in the River Dronne… Just swim down the river for a well deserved breakfast, or just take a dip after a hard ride or run. Again you don’t have to travel to indulge yourself by swimming in one of the most breathtaking rivers in France. The Dronne is a protected zone and for good reason. It is stunning.

stunning open water swimming