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Shots of the grounds and buildings at Les-Stables.

Recent Facebook Posts

  • It has taken twelve years of travel and coaching around the world but with out any doubt this has been the most enjoyable coaching camp, venue ever. Thank you for your help and support.

    Chris Jones
    Ireland Elite Olympic Coach
  • A perfect blend of people, personalities, weather, activities, the odd capsize, the occasional croissant, giant pasta bowls and a dog that just doesn’t stop made this a holiday to treasure. What a fantastic

    Chris M
    TFN Tri Club
  • Perfect facilities, location, hosts, weather… I couldn’t ask for any more in a training venue.

    Dr. Garry Palmer
    SportsTest Director
  • I unreservedly recommend the place, both to members of a club looking for an intensive week or to individuals looking for a relaxing training holiday with friends or family.

    Steve W
    Sun City Tri

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